RSSence is an Android application meant to give you easier access to information available on the internet. It is the final project for my CpSc 481 Android Software Development course. It was a group project developed with Gabriel Fair. One of it's main functions is as an RSS feed viewer. Our external webservice (PHP) maintains a list of popular feeds. We add a new feed and your phone is automatically updated. Users may also add their own feeds to subscribe to. The other main function of RSSence is as a data set visualizer. The external server has any number of datasets stored as tables in an SQL database. Currently these must be added by hand. The app recieves a list of available data sets and the user can select one or more to be viewed on their device. Currently we can only view Geo data, such as locations of the earthquakes in the past 7 days, plotted on a google map.

The final goal of RSSence is to have datasets automatically parsed by our web server so the user continually has acces to the newest data sets with the most up to date information possible.  We also want to add more forms of visualization.

ALSPARC was developed for a database design course at Clemson University. It was a group project with myself, Christian Prescott and Patrick O'Friel. The goal was to allow grad students looking for research opportunities to more easily connect to professors who need help and for corporate sponsors looking to fund research to connect to professors qualified to do the research. The focus was obviously around designing the database. This was our first time working with dynamically generated websites and we basically taught ourselves on the fly so there are formatting issues and a few bugs and Im sure some vast perforamce issues, but all in all I am satisfied with the results.

A live demo can be found here

Ahmiran is a 2D game developed in C++ and was the final project for my CpSc 416 2D Game Engine Design course. It was a group project developed with Irena Rindos. I still work on this game when time permits, which is why I call it a prototype. It is far from finished, but nevertheless shows my abilities as a developer. There are 3 classes the player can choose from: a warrior, a wizard and an archer. There is one map with groups of different enemies scattered throughout. The player can kill enemies and level up. The game uses the SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer) library for graphics and sound, and Expat XML as the base for xml parsing. Features of the game include parsing of many attributes from an xml file (player and monster stats, sprite sheet source locations, screen and world dimensions, etc.),  projectiles, explosions, collision detection, and basic AI (patrolling, chasing and attacking).

The AI  was the hardest part and is not up to my personal standards, the pathfinding is especially bad. So that is the first on my todo list for the game. After that I would like to implement an item and skill system. At that point I wouldnt mind taking "prototype" out of the description.