My name is Matthew Stratton and I am a full time software developer. I tried half heartedly some time ago to make a blog. I failed miserably with only 3 or 4 posts. I have decided to try again with maybe 3/4 heart. This is primarily meant to be a sort of notebook for myself. A way for me to keep track of things I work on or explore. I often find myself researching or playing around with something and then completely forgetting about it. So now, instead of spending 3 or 4 hours on something in vain, I intend to keep track of these adventures via blog post.

That said, I will try to construct the posts so that they could be used be helpful to anyone, not just myself. I will provide source code when I can and give hints and advice and try to document problems I encounter. Although I cant say how long I will keep up this discipline.

If you are reading this or any of my posts, I greatly appreciate feedback and questions.

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